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5 Best Custom ROMs for Android Device

It may be enjoying and cheerful to see a versatile variety of colors, designs and pictures on your Android mobile screen, but have we ever taken a single second to think about the mechanism behind it? Let’s have a look!

Before we get to know about Best Custom ROMs, first we need to know about the ROM. ROM is a basic operating system built into the phone, which runs on the device with some basic applications like calendar, contact book, camera etc.

What is Custom ROM ?

When some volunteer brains of technology world futz with some of the underlying codes of Android and as a result of this tinkling, the custom Android builds are created. This is called Custom ROMs and some time we root android device for gaining extra privilege.

During this process they use the Android Open Source Program (AOSP), which is the basic version of open source codes in Android and developed by Google itself. These tech brains can modify these codes without following any Google standards.

The manufacturer companies do not update the Android versions on a regular intervals of one or two years. Here Custom ROMs come into light. They start providing the customers with such Android custom ROMs, which may enable the user with all the advantages of updated versions, such as using less space, new features and security.

Here is a list of 10 Best Custom ROMs for Android device : 


#1 ROM Manager :

custom roms

ROM Manager is the best option if you have already rooted your phone and now in search of a good manager to manage your device. In this custom ROM, you can not only organize all data and run backups, but also flash your recovery very fast.

When you have a ROM upon SD card, then you can straightly reach to the ROM Manager and safely download the same. It will soon track your device and send regular updates when necessary.

#2 Cyanogen Mod :


Cyanogen Mod has transformed itself since last year and now working on a professional base offering Cyanogen OS too. The world wrapped fame of this custom ROM is due to its all-time availability of the latest and new features like custom profiles, theme engine, ability to customize each part, and its various gestures.
The main notable thing of this custom ROM is that it is updated on a regular base along with its unbreakable support on almost all devices.

#3 Paranoid Android :

best custom roms

This is another one of the most popular and Best custom ROMs. With its attractive and cool features like hover notifications, dynamic system bars, cool immersive modes, peek notifications from lock screens along with thecapacity to use different vibrant gestures in place of buttons, you can customize anything on your device. This custom ROM is officially in built with Oppo, OnePlus, and Nexus devices. However, if you wish it on your other Android, then you may reach through XDA also.

#4 Cataclysm :

custom romsThis custom ROM is popularly known for its strong build up amidst the list of Best custom ROMs. It offers us various handy features such as lock screen, configurable toggles, and customization options for notifications and status bar. It also possesses features like App Ops, Smart Radio, navigation bar options, battery style, etc. The Cataclysm is widely known for its qualitative and strong performance. Although available only for Nexus devices, you may steal it from unofficial channels like XDA too.

#5 Resurrection Remix :

custom roms

If you are looking for a simple, clean and regularly updated version of custom ROMs, then here you are! This ROM can customize your notification bar, lock screen, navigation buttons along with animations and others. The new feature of the theme of Pitch Black dark has attracted users for its ability to try and tinker all the elements of the interface. This custom ROM is available for almost all Android phones.



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