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I’ve been using Evernote for the past few months and I’m not sure how I survived before, especially when it comes to my blogging projects.  Evernote is productivity software that helps you keep track of everything.  Yes, there doesn’t seem to be much Evernote can’t help you remember or track for later use.  The software is simple for the end user.  Anything you would note or save, such as a web page, to do, a note about something, business cards, etc. can be added to Evernote.  

You can organize any of your notes with tags (more about that in minute) and in different notebooks.  The search feature makes it easy to find anything you’ve saved almost instantly.  So, what does this power tool have to do with blogging and social media?  There are a number of ways I’ve used Evernote to mange my blog projects.

10 Ways to Use Evernote for Blogging and Social Media

Capture Post Ideas :

I don’t want to ever lose a great blog post idea, so I’ll add notes to Evernote with a blog post idea tag all the time.  I might be reading the newspaper and think of an idea.  Or, I add notes when I read another blog post that spawns an idea.Capture Random Ideas for my Blogs Along with post ideas I also capture design and feature ideas.  I’m always thinking of cool things to do with my blogs and Evernote is a great place to capture such ideas so that I don’t forget them.

Write Blog Posts :

I also use Evernote for outlining and drafting posts.  After I have the post far enough along I’ll copy it over to WordPress to put the final touches on it.  The great thing about having Evernote on my iPhone is I can quickly outline a post and then work on it later.

Create Tweets :

If you’re trying to create a Twitter following, you might consider capturing Tweet ideas or even a full tweet.  I once read people who want to increase their Twitter following should consider tweeting 3 valued added Tweets per day.  Why not get ahead and note them in Evernote.  You can Tweet directly from the application or copy and paste your text into Twitter.

Save Research or Articles from the Web :

I read blog posts from my iPhone and use news apps a lot.  With Evernote you can send web content to a unique email address for your account.  So, if I read a blog post I like, I can either email directly to Evernote or save it to Evernote using the Feedlr app.

Save Guest Posts From time to time : I submit and post a guest post at another blog.  I like to keep track of these posts because often times the host blog will allow you to repost it on your own blog.  Evernote allows you to save anything on the web, so I’ll find my guest posts and just tag them in Evernote for future use.

Save Invoices and Receipts : As a small business owner, it’s important I keep track of my invoices and receipts.  I send all these to Evernote and tag them appropriately in case I need them in the future or around tax season.

Save Links and Code Snippets :

As a blog owner I’m constantly on the web looking for snippets of code to enhance my theme.  I might want to use some HTML for a text widget.  You can find almost anything using Google so I’ll do my research and ad my findings to Evernote.

Track Affiliate Programs : 

Capturing all my affiliate program information such as agreements, usernames, passwords, etc. is great for Evernote too!  I send all this information to Evernote and tag it.

Create Blog Post Schedules :

 Finally, Evernote is a great way to stay organized.  You can type out a blog post schedule and regularly update it for each week.  Since Evernote is everywhere you go (web, laptop and iPhone) you always have your post schedule.

Final Thoughts on Blogging with Evernote :

As you can tell, Evernote is a powerful tool for capturing information and helping you stay organized.   What makes the tool even more powerful is the fact there is a web-based version, PC version and iPhone app.  I use all three applications and they constantly stay in sync.   It’s also important to mention the search feature of Evernote.  The search feature works great so I don’t have to look through my tags to find my note.  I simply search for what I’m looking for and the note is displayed instantly.If you’re not using Evernote to help you become a more productive blogger, you need to seriously consider it.Do you use Evernote for blogging?  If so, please share your tips.  We’d love to hear about them.

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