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10 Simple Ways to Choose the Best Blog Topics for Your Audience

A tough part of blogging for many people is coming up with blog topics or writing ideas.  When you sit down to write a blog post you want to have a blog topic in mind.  Otherwise, you waste valuable time brainstorming.  I spend a lot of time while not blogging thinking about topics I want to write about and I think will add value for readers and visitors to my blogs.  I keep a list of these ideas and refer to them before my writing time.  I pick the one that I like best that day, or perhaps after some research, I think will interest people the most.

There are different ways to come up with these ideas and I thought I would share a few I use.  Certainly, you have tips too, so please share those in the comments.

Simple Ways to Choose the Best Blog Topics for Your Audience

Read –  If you read other blogs, magazines or books, you’ll find they’re filled with plenty of great ideas.  Pick one topic you like and expand upon it or explore it further.

Use Other Blogs –  If you use other blogs, someone has already come up with the idea for you.  Don’t copy or plagiarize their work, but take the idea in the title, or a point they made in the post and run with it sharing your own thoughts and ideas.

Your Experience – If you’re blogging, you probably blogging about something of interest, or something you have experience with yourself.  If that’s the case, leverage those experiences and write posts about them.

News – Watch the news regularly or download a news App for your iPhone or Droid.  I get a lot of ideas from current events.  Write about the article you’ve read and then provide your thoughts and opinions.

Tweets – If you follow people on Twitter, you’ll find they’re sharing ideas all the time.  The same goes for Facebook.  Save a Tweet you like to your favorites and then revisit it for a blog post later.

Magazine Archives – I mentioned reading magazines can provide content ideas.  I typically keep magazines for a year or more when I’ve subscribed to ones in my writing niche.  It’s interesting to pick up a magazine more than a year (or two) old and see if you can find an idea to write about.  As an aside, it’s interesting how ideas tend to repeat themselves over time.

Products You Like – Many of my blogs contain posts about products I’ve found helpful to me in blogging.  Write a review about your experience with the product and how it’s helped you.  You can even make commission if you’ve signed up for the affiliate program the product and advertise it.

Books You Like – Similar to products you like, books are a great way to create a blog post.  If you read a great book, then it’s good to share about it with others.  Sign up for the Amazon affiliate program and offer it for sale on your blog.

Just Write – Sometimes I open a magazine in my niche and play a game with myself.  I close my eyes and point to a page.  I pick that idea or topic and quickly brainstorm 3 ideas.  I then give myself 30 minutes to write about those ideas, 15 minutes to clean the post up and then publish it.  Obviously, this doesn’t work if you don’t know anything about your topic, but it’s fun if you’re just in the mood to write and don’t have a topic.

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The Mall – Admittedly I haven’t used this idea much, but I hear it works.  Take a visit to your local mall.  Look around an pay attention to what people are buying and how they’re behaving.  You can often certainly find something of value for readers by blogging about real – life situations and behaviors.

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