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10 Reasons to Be Present On Google Plus and Why be present on Google’s social network?

What are the reasons to be and use it for the good of your business? Want to know more about Google + ? Then discover the top 10 reasons to be present on Google +

10 Reasons to Be Present On Google Plus

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1 . Did  you know that the great Google a little jealous of his friend Facebook and chose to create a social network in return? Google is a giant on the internet be on a social network can be beneficial for your business! Google made ?? several products that do not work as “Buzz” precisely. But the principle of Google + is very similar to her boyfriend Facebook which showed that the recipe is good. Facebook alone has over 800 million members while Google + already has 100 million.

2.  Increases your “chances” to be well referenced Google And yes it is a reality, is to be present on Google+ and your web pages and articles are shared via G+ button increases your exchange to be better positioned on Google. It would still have been a shame if Google decided not to grant benefits to users of its new social network. These fact further increases when someone follows you and it is connected to a Google account. So follow a large number of people so that they follow you back, and she can see and love your posts .

3. Pro Pages on Google+Like Facebook, Google + gives you the opportunity to promote your business on the internet thanks to the Pro page. A page to present your company on the new social network from Google. you still will not find all the features available for your fan page on Facebook but it does not prevent you from enjoying a presence on Google for your business.

4. Google organize your contacts via circle Google was the first to implement the system of circles. It looks a bit like your list of friends on Facebook (I tell you there are some great resemblance between these two giants). It is nice to be able to sort your contacts by type of relationship and then to make targeted communications to your contacts depending on the interests you’ve identified. For example, your friends, your family, do not really want to be bothered by your ads or your prospects, customers do not have to know all your privacy.

5. Be free to follow who wants You know it is now possible to follow the news on Facebook without someone that they have agreed to be your friend? Well Google + is a little rule. It allows you to track you want without having to ask permission from anyone! You no longer need to wait for an acceptance of the person to follow! That you follow a person or a pro page is the same process. Obviously your most secret desire (you saw it coming) is that the person that you follow to follow you back (like Twitter) or she/he is interested in your business!

6. Referencing via YouTube belongs to Google And yes, it’s been a few years since Youtube was bought by Google. It is clear that more research on YouTube are daily in great numbers and the results are found to YouTube very good position on Google. Yes Google is a giant, it is important to remember! Thus creating your account you link Google + also your videos to social network and increase visibility.

7. No advertising Nothing nicer than walking into a world without advertising. Imagine yourself in the place of your dreams; you see only what you want to see .

8. Google Local integrated with Google +Referencing “Geo located” is increasingly used to make targeted promotion on the internet. The fact that Google Local is found in Google+ allows your business to be literally close to your local target (in the case of a shop, a restaurant …). Be there or your prospects are and you will have more visibility and therefore certainly more customers.

9. An account where there are many tools Google + is a part of all of Google’s tools! Within Google + you will able to distribute your publications in the circles you belong to you can also create events, make “Hangouts” that is to say video chats with your friends ( up to 9 simultaneous)Do not forget that besides Google + you have access to your email, your calendar, your YouTube a/c etc … we will not mention all the Google services because there are so many! All this in one place! Is not it wonderful? Then Hooray for Google+ .

10. To diversify your web presence Google + is a place where you can be more present with your small business. To take advantage of all the points we have mentioned above but also to diversify your communication channels and increase the number of points of contact with your prospects, customers. Imagine you’re on Facebook and your contacts do make through this, it’s a disaster if Facebook does not exist anymore! It can be the same for Google so it must be present on a number of social networks in order not to wake up one morning alone on your little beach Virtual abandoned as a castaway on the web.

 However, be careful not to attempt the impossible feat of being present everywhere if you do not want to spend your days would become unmanageable and not productive in the long run .

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