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10 Best Google Search Tips and Tricks | ViralTricks

Google is the most popular search engine of the world. Everyday millions of people use this search engine to search different things. There are lots of ways to get a good search result. We use some ways for searching in Google search engine. 

There are lots of tricks and ways to get the proper results according to your queries. If you can search properly you can get your results properly. You need to implement Google search tips and tricks properly. For your assistance today we are going to share 10 best Google search tips and tricks. So let’s have a look to those tips and tricks.

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1. How to convert currencies and others in Google 

We can convert currencies within a moment through Google built in calculator in search engine. Suppose you need to convert dollar to pounds. So you can search by typing how many euros there are to 10 dollars (10 USD in Euro). Moreover you can search how many days are there in a year. You can find out how many things in a dozen and so on. So by following the ways you can get your search results.

2. Close affiliate link in your product search

Very often we are searching for different type of products in net. But we get lots of affiliate links for this types of products. If you don’t have intention to buy, it would be disgusting matter for you. You may get link or amazon or others. So if you want to avoid harassment, you need to use some tricks of google search. You can use Give Me Back My Google. If you do this you’ll get search results free from affiliate link. So to get nice service from Google you can implement these search methods of Google.

3. Use Quotes 

You can use quotes to get proper search resuls in Google. You can use the words quotes for your search. It would be helpful to get proper result. To get more specific result you can use quote. In this quote you need to focus on the main keyword. Suppose you can use “latest smart phone” if you have smartphone related queries. If you search just like this, search result will come according to your queries. The result will be related to smartphone. The search result will be more specific.

4. Use a single word 

You can use single word to get proper results. If you have a phrase of three words, you can use a single word here. You need to use this Google tips and tricks to get proper results. You’ll get some related articles related to your keywords. So all you need to use a single word in the title. No need to use three or more word in title. If you implement this method properly, you can get proper search result.

5. Find Articles according to your demand 

You may notice you get a lot of articles when you search for anything. The articles were published in different years. You may get articles of last year more previous. So if you want to get latest news or articles, you have to search this more specifically. Suppose you want to know about the latest computer of 2010. So you should search by typing “Latest Laptop” inurl:2012”. So if you search just like this, you’ll get proper search results according to your queries.

6. Know the Local Time

You can know the local time of any country instantly from Google search engines. All you need  to type your queries. Suppose you want to know the current time of Singapore. So you need to type “What time is it in Singapore”. So just follow the way, you’ll be able to know the time of any certain country you want. So hopefully this Google search tips and tricks will be helpful for you.

7. Get Music & others

Google has brought great opportunity for us. If we can implement the proper way we can get proper search results according to our queries. So now we would like to share the ways of getting a bunch of music files from Google search engine.

You can use this “-inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” +description +size +(wma|mp3) “Nirvana” sentence to get music and comics and others. This tips and tricks of Google search engines will be helpful for you.

8. Know Flight time table 

You can know the status of any airlines. All you need to type the flight number and airlines name. Then Google will show a proper result including the time schedule of that flight. It would be helpful for you. So why don’t you take the advantages provided by Google.

9. Google Image Search 

You can see different type of images according to your necessity. Here you’ll not get any writing documents or others. Simply type the name of the topics which you want to see. Type proper name and press the enter button. Google will bring your required image in front of you. Hopefully these tips of Google search engine will be helpful for you.

10.  Some Tricks to get better search result from Google You can use the below mentioned tricks or codes whatever you say to get proper result from Google search engine. So let’s have a look to those codes of google.

  • To show the cached pages of Google type Cache:URL 
  • To show the result in headline along with terms and others Allintitle:WORD  
  • The search result will not show this type of file filetype: SOMEFILETYPE 
  • To get specific word or phrase type – “WORD” Or “Phrase” 
  • To looks up any word or synonyms- “~WORD”
  •  To protect search results of any certain domain- “” 
  • To see the related pages of any certain page- “related:URL” 
  • To get others information related to this webpage- “info:URL”
  • To see other pages related to the current page- “link:URL”Releted Post

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